Project Profiles

Remediation Management
Remediation potential is an issue that clients are faced with on legacy and complex sites and the acquisition cycle in Alberta doesn’t make these challenges any easier. Alta Tech’s expertise provides clients with advanced techniques that, when feasible, steer away from traditional and expensive approaches.

Commercial Brownfield Remediation Development

Alta Tech supported the execution of a commercial development that was located in Calgary and regulated by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). We were brought in to take over the environmental management of the site from others as the client was struggling to reach their goals.

Alta Tech developed a regional groundwater model of the site, conducted impact assessment of present and future ammonia and nitrate loading on the Bow River, developed an optimization plan for the existing ammonia and nitrate remediation system, and designed a more economical site remediation system to replace the original unit. Alta Tech successfully provided the client the opportunity to capitalize from a brownfield development that was considered by others to be economically unfeasible.