GIS & Environmental Data Management

GIS & Environmental Data Management


The process of collecting, managing and analyzing environmental data is key to the successful operation of a project. Whether it is a municipal groundwater study or a large industrial remediation project, our staff will assist you in applying the latest technologies of data management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) allows us to gather, manage, and analyze, and integrate complex data. Through the insights revealed through GIS, we can identify problems, monitor any changes, and understand trends.

Using maps and 3D imaging to visualize spatial locations, using GIS provides us with complex patterns and scenarios, so we have the best resources to understand and manage your environmental data.

Data Storage & Manipulation

Borehole Logging Reports

Thematic Mapping

Spatial Analysis & Mapping

Detailed Aquifer Characterization

Geologic Cross-Section Analysis

Aquifer Vulnerability Mapping

Conceptual Geologic & Hydrogeologic Model