Project Profiles

The process of collecting, managing, and analyzing environmental data is key to successful execution of a project. Whether it is a municipal groundwater study or a large industrial remediation project, our staff will assist you in applying the latest technologies of data management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Groundwater flow and transport models are a useful and cost-effective tool for managing contaminated sites. A calibrated groundwater flow and transport model can predict the potential migration pathway of a contaminant, evaluate multiple remedial scenarios, locate pump and treat wells for optimal extraction, or evaluate the effectiveness of natural attenuation. The model can also be used in conjunction with a monitoring program to demonstrate compliance to regulatory agencies.

Municipal Government Water Resource Exploration

Alta Tech had the opportunity to complete fresh water exploration for a municipality. Sourcing a water source with the capacity to provide for industrial purposes was imperative to our client. Through research and experience, Alta Tech sourced an untouched aquifer, which benefited our client economically, socially, and environmentally. The source was triple the supply needs, close in proximity, and met the necessary water characteristics, giving the client long-term security.