Project Profiles

Remediation Management
Remediation potential is an issue that clients are faced with on legacy and complex sites and the acquisition cycle in Alberta doesn’t make these challenges any easier. Alta Tech’s expertise provides clients with advanced techniques that, when feasible, steer away from traditional and expensive approaches.

Sulphur Forming and Handling Facility – Demolition, Remediation, and Construction Project

Alta Tech completed a four-phase project involving the removal of sulphur-impacted soil, remediation of subsurface, demolition of existing structures, and the construction of a new sulphur storage pad – all while the facility remained in operation. The facility lost its ability to store sulphur during this project, so we collaborated with operations on a design modification. The design required the ability to continuously offload sulphur without impact to the facility. 32,000 tonnes of contaminated sulphur/sulphur soil mix were removed, and the native soil remediated. 20,000m3 of clean fill was hauled in and compacted around the new structures.